Dons / Donations The COCÖÖÖN 2019/2020

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 On this page you will find several donation options:
To make your payment: indicate the amount in the indicated box, fill in your contact details and click on your card payment option before confirming the order definitively and putting your card information. Do you want to make a bank transfer? or pay with Paypal? All our details on >>donations on

- free: you decide for yourself how much you want to send us for our projects and our beneficiaries. These donations will be distributed by our association COC-N according to the priorities of the moment.
- defined: you can choose to allocate your donations to help specific projects. 60% of your donation will go to the defined project. The remaining 40% will be dispatched by our association COC-N according to the priorities of the moment.
- packs: you can choose defined donation packs to help specific projects and multiply the pack as you wish. By clicking to add to the basket the basic pack can be multiplied infinitely in a window that will appear at the top right.

Donate to COCÖÖÖN in 2019/2020

This function will allow you to make the donation of your choice for the activities of the consortium The COCÖÖÖN as a whole.
Your payment will be processed by the association COCÖÖÖN organization which will dispatch it according to the priorities of the moment.
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